Riding waves with Andreas Tsamtsouris

Riding waves with Andreas Tsamtsouris

When you think about Greece, the first thing that pops in your mind is its dry and warm summers and the endless blue sea…definitely isn’t surfing. Well that is slowly changing, as surfing is trending in local youth and Greece is becoming a hip place among surf lovers. You will not find big waves like in Hawaii, California or Australia but these are definitely slow, smooth and surfable with a Med sense of freedom. Born and raised in the seaside suburbs of Athens, Andreas Tsamtsouris is a talented Photographer, who is documenting this rise of surf culture in Greece. Travelling in all sides of the country he has been recording the power and beauty of wave breaking and beach living.

We met with him and chatted over his work and what inspires him.




A surf photographer in Greece. How did you get into that?

From the very first moment i start surfing, I was really excited about the images I could see in the water. The colorful sea life, the sky and clouds touching the sea and the unimaginable beautiful landscapes, urged me to buy my first waterproof case and document that down. After years into surf photography my fascination with the sea and desire to document my passion is still the same.

How do you describe what you do?

Underwater photography is a cerebral experience full of details, an open window to new worlds. It has a high degree of difficulty but it is very addictive as it offers an experience which you can’t find elsewhere.

What it’s like to shoot in the water? Are there any rules or barriers?

To shoot in the water needs more than be a good photographer. It’s like dancing. You are not stable and that makes it quite difficult to zoom in and focus. As you get more experienced you become more balanced and improved. As for the rules, you have to respect the power of the sea and your physical strength. As a swimmer you need to be aware of your limits as there are sea currents which you are not familiar with.


When you shoot do you prefer people as subjects or nature?

I like to combine both of them together. I focus on the theme which grabs most my attention and try to create a picture filled with people, surf boards, waves, clouds and colors. Everything depends on my state of mind and inspiration.

What is that you love most about sea?

Nothing in particular and Everything in General. I was born and raised in the seaside suburbs of Athens so my bond with the sea is deep and strong.



What is your favorite location to shoot/travel/surf?

There is no location I call a favorite. Each of the places I’ve been to, are unique and inspiring for their own special reason.

What’s next for you? What are your future plans personally and professionally?

There are many projects I work on at the moment along with new collaborations which arise all the time. My professional goal is to complete a photo diary for the Surf in Greece and the culture around it. Personally I want to spend more time in the water and for as long as possible.


See more of Andreas Tsamtsouris work here:

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